Let The Reader Be The Judge

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Since we published the first edition of Donald Campbell, Bluebird and the Final Record Attempt back in October 2011, we have had pretty much nothing but positive reviews and feedback. Both Keith and I are so pleased that the book has brought a lot of pleasure to people who have wanted to find out more about the Donald Campbell legend.

We never claimed that 'The Final Record Attempt' was the definitive account of Campbell's last campaign, but we worked very hard to ensure the content was as well thought through and accurate as it could be.

2nd Edition (softback) ready for preorder

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2nd Edition Front Cover

Due to the overwhelming success of the first edition of 'Donald Campbell, Bluebird And The Final Record Attempt', History Press are publishing a second -soft-back- edition towards the end of October 2012. This soft-back version is essentially the same book as the first edition, with the same high quality production values and layout.

The second edition contains a number of text revisions and additions as well as more than 20 new and previously unseen illustrations.

The cover price of the softback will be £20,00. You can now pre-order the softback rom our shop. Shipping will only commence once the book is officially published by the History Press.

Donald Campbell C.B.E.

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Today, 4th January 2012 at 8:48 am, was the 45th Anniversary of the fatal accident at Coniston in which Donald Campbell lost his life in Bluebird K7. He is remembered on this sad day, but also on many other's which represent much happier anniversaries.


The Book Shop is open!

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The Bluebird K7 Book Shop is now open.

Sales are going very well, with lots of very satisfied customers.  Don't delay your order too long.

We have two signed versions of 'Donald Campbell, Bluebird And The Final Record Attempt for sale.


Final Cover Design

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The dust jacket is finished and has been signed off.

The Book layout is done and all we need to do now is the final proof read and check. This should be complete by the end of this week. We are due to go to printers in next 7 days.

Bluebirdk7-campbell_cover256 pages, 10 Chapters - hundreds of monochrome and colour illustrations, lot's of other nice features, including the eye witness accounts of 7 individuals who were closely connected with the project.
7 appendices... all for the price of £ 30,00.