A new BBC documentary on Donald Campbell

Written by Sandra. Posted in Publicity

On Sunday 31st of March, on BBC 2 at 8pm: 'Donald Campbell - Speedking'

"The film has a duration of 1 hour and uses rare archive and first hand testimony from those who knew him intimately, explores the life of Donald Campbell, one of Britain's most compelling sporting heroes. Despite his triumphs, setting several world speed records on land and water, he remained a haunted man. His father Sir Malcolm Campbell had been a prolific record-breaker in the 1920's and 30's but an indifferent parent and all his life Donald felt driven to emulate his father in his choice of profession.

In spite of initial success, in the 1950's, his career became dogged by ill fortune, bad weather and eventually, a growing apathy of the British public. In late 1966 he took his iconic Bluebird K7 hydroplane to Coniston in the Lake District for an eighth attempt on the water speed record. With the eyes of the world upon him, and within sight of seeming success, he crashed and was killed instantly, his body and boat lost for thirty years''.

Neil was closely involved behind the scenes with Tern TV and their commissioning editor Miranda Peters as well as the film director, Ashley Gething, acting as historical consultant.

This film promises to give a fascinating insight in Donald Campbell's life, and will make use of rare archive footage. Don't miss it.